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Pippetop®  -  Inverted Nipples Solution

Pippetop® is designed to treat both slight and severe cases of inverted or flat nipples safely and effectively. It is a small and non-invasive suction device that can be worn on the inverted nipple 24 hours a day to correct the deformity. Also, because of the compact size of Pippetop®, it can be applied at any time and any place. Generally, the treatment is done in a period of around three months.

According to the report of clinical trials by Dr. Lee Jie in Tokai Central Clinic, Aichi, Japan, about 80% of the patients who suffered from inverted nipples underwent this treatment, had their conditions fully remedied, and the remainder of the patients all showed significant improvements. Furthermore, the treatment did not cause mastitis or difficulty in breast feeding.

Overall, Pippetop® has been proven to be an extremely effective, safe and convenient treatment for inverted or flat nipples compared with other conservative methods and surgical treatments.



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