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Pippetop is designed to treat both slight and severe cases of inverted or flat nipples safely and effectively. It is small and non-invasive suction device that can be worn on the inverted or flat nipple twenty-four hours a day at any time and any place. (We will delivery anywhere around world & postage will apply)


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It’s easy to use, they stay on, and the suction is great!

I used to feel very self-conscious about my nipples, and have always been hesitant to try other treatments because they always involved some sort of surgery. It got to the point where I thought I’d actually be stuck with inverted nipples for the rest of my life, but thank god I found out about Pippetop! The results so far have been amazing and this product has just given me so much more confidence! I wish I had heard about this year’s ago… and that more people with inverted nipples knew about it because it has been absolutely life-changing. Thank you!!
Julie :: May 27 2017, 21:06 PM

A little tender but very happy after week 1

After saying goodbye to my nipples some 23 years ago, I thought all hope was gone until I discovered the pippetop nipple extractors. So I take the innocent looking corrugated little cups out of the box and after spreading a dollop of the cream supplied, onto each of the places where I kind of remembered my nipples used to be, I squeezed the cups while trying hard to keep it in the centre of the voids where I needed the extraction most. Oh my god-I released the pressure and nearly hit the ceiling with my eyes wide open and my jaw almost dislocating.. These suction cups really are strong... Try again with less pressure! Eventually, I found a strength of suction which was comfortable enough to be able to actually talk through and function through in every day life!! Whoever said nipple clamps were a turn on, we're completely raving mad!! Anyway, week 1, I've been wearing these plastic nipple clamps now for 8 hrs each day and finally my nipples are like otters noses which stand out for at least an hour by themselves before going inwards again, however, i do struggle removing them because they are a little tender and the suction on these things are immense and I'm often giggling like mad while trying to remove them!! My partner has offered to remove them for me but they are too painful to allow anyone anywhere near. Today I even considered going to the hospital to get some help but I'm scared I may be classed as kinky!! They're off now- just took a little more time and delicate pulling!! I have to say though I'm very happy already and would love to know if I can wear these 24/7 and if the results are permanent. And feedback welcome x
Justine :: Jun 17 2016, 02:01 AM

Great product

I am very satisfied with the product, I have used it for one week and see a great result. I will continue to use to see how it goes. Good luck everyone.
Jade :: Apr 11 2016, 18:00 PM


Love this product, I've been using for 2 months and what great results. I had it off for 6 hours one day and they still popped out!! A little bit of a touch and they grew big and hard. Use the cream, and to help them stay on at night I bought nipple covers to put on top of the pippetop and wore a tightish shirt to secure it all. It's very effective, discrete and safe. I wish I had done this decades ago! Good luck all.
teresa :: Sep 30 2014, 02:55 AM

Great product. Thanks.

I was a little skeptical of this little device, bought of eBay by auction called "Pippetop" claimed to be able to treat inverted nipples. I compared with many similar devices on the market, this one seemed to be the most compact in size. So I thought to give it a try two month ago and bought a set online. After 3 weeks of using, my problem started visibly improving. Now 2 month later, my little things are finally taking shape and not easily retract anymore. I am so happy to see this result. I have been dealing with this problem all my adult life, now finally found a solution. I will keep using it until it's completely cured. The best thing of this devise is that I can wear it 24hrs a day under the bra, no need to worry about any embarrassment and take off only during the shower and massage. I noticed if I apply plenty of cream (comes with the kit) before wear it, my skin would feel much comfortable. I definitely recommend this device as a none invasive treatment for inverted nipples. Actually, I just bought a 2nd set for my cousin who has the same problem like me. She is going to have a baby shower. I think this will be a perfect addition to her baby shower gifts. USA
Chong :: Jan 29 2013, 21:22 PM

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