Use Instruction



Please apply Pippetop as shown in the image on the left. 

In order to prevent skin rash and get better suction, please always apply the skin cream first. 

After applying the skin cream, push the top of the Pippetop to create a gentle negative pressure and hold it on the nipple area. By doing this, the Pippetop will continuously suck the nipple out and shape it to a natural state. You can adjust the pressure of the Pippetop by pressing the Pippetop harder or softer. Adjust it so that the area does not get too painful or ischaemia. 

Use the 4 Pippetops that are included in the package alternatively. Initially, there might be some secretions from the top of the nipples coming out. They are residual secretions and will disappear in a few weeks. Until then, please change Pippetop frequently. If possible, it is advised to wear the Pippetops at all the time for the first month. Only take it off during the shower, then gently pull and massage the nipples if they are sucked out.

After a month, please take it off twice a day to massage, and four times a day after two months. You should be able to see the effects in 3 months. If pain persists or skin rash is severe, please stop using it and see your local doctor.

If you are pregnant, or, if your inverted nipples are not congenital, please consult with your obstetrician for advice.

Do not use soap or anti-septic solution to wash the Pippetops. Only use cold water or soft tissue to clean them and keep them in room temperature.


IMPORTANT: Please make sure there is no body hair around the nipple area.

The Inverted Nipple Protractor package includes 4 Pippetops, skin cream and user’s manual.